Aranzadi Park

Pamplona, Spain 2014

The Meander Park of Aranzadi is a place where the citizen, agriculture and river nature coexist. The nexus of union between these elements become meeting points that allow us to understand the new balance that has been established. They are solved by the footbridges that become functional and scenic milestones that relate both banks floating the Crecimiento Forest.

The lighting responds to these environmental yet functional approaches to adapt to the space and its requirements of use, generating attraction and relation between both banks through a light composition that reinforces the identity of the steps in the night tours of the Park and contrasts with the twilight environment of the vegetation.

Client: Ayuntamiento de Pamplona
Architect: Alday Jover Arquitectura y Paisaje
Awards: Winner of the 2016 AZ Awards, Best Landscape Architecture
Photo: Courtesy of Airfal
Sketch: ©Jesús Arcos, aldayjover