BD Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain 2011

The lighting concept of the new BD Barcelona Design showroom-gallery attempts to improve the display of the collection of design objects through projected shadow. It illuminates the pieces as artwork, generating a contrasted exhibition environment.

Thus, the communication of the exposed element is more suggestive. The lighting takes into account the object and its immediate surroundings. The background is prepared to receive the exhibited item as part of it. The intangible image of the object, in negative, is expressed as an extension of the object itself. It takes shape on floor and platforms in a medium grey color. The lighting system consists of transversal rails placed in a constant pace both in the outside and in the inside.

Light and shadow create a composition of ordered forms and convey a sense of harmony that work together in a sense of unity to bring a new edge to the lighting design concept.

Client: BD Barcelona Design
Architect: Tusquets i Clotet Architects
Photo: ©BD Barcelona Design; ©iGuzzini