Café Bras

Rodez , France 2014

Le Café Bras is the restaurant of the Soulages Museum in Rodez, France. It’s part of the museum and communicates with it through the auditorium or directly from an outside access. The entry from the outside emulates a Japanese style patio with a water mirror. When accessing the interior, the architecture protects the entrance of natural light through metal slats or micro perforated steel plates. The distribution inside is diaphanous and the U-shaped restaurant area leaves the kitchen area inside.

Three typologies of light were used: the first illuminates the metal slats that protect the space of the diners from the outside and from the kitchen area. Also, it illuminates the slats in the exterior access, which are reflected in the mirror of water in the Japanese courtyard of the entrance. The second is the one that illuminates the tables and the third was that of the kitchen.

The light composition expressed an atmosphere of tranquility and communicated a space where the architecture and light combine as a unit.

Client: Museé Soulages, Aglomération du Grand Rodez
Architect: RCR Arquitectes
Photo: ©Didier Boy de la Tour; ©RCR