City Hall Square

Barcelona, Spain 2007

The outer space that composes the Rambla del Celler and the plaza of the new City Hall of Sant Cugat del Vallès, had as an objective to solve the urban situation and to give back to the city a pedestrian space, since it had many architectural obstacles and the traffic transit occupied an important part of the section of the square and were not built with a clear alignment between them, forming a situation compromised by the passage of the river in the subsoil.

The lighting design proposed spots or accents of color that changed in each station, generating a game and an approach with pedestrians, to encourage people to walk and use the new space in the night time, in addition to the lighting of white light that had to solve the place according to the regulations. The luminaire was specially designed for this area, so that it could solve all these project situations. White lighting was carried out with warm ceramic metal halide lamps and optical street lamps and color accents with RGB LED technology and DMX control.

Client: Ajuntament de Sant Cugat del Vallès
Architect: FFPV Arquitectura
Photo: ©Philips, ©Ramón Ferreira