Disseny HUB Barcelona

Barcelona , Spain 2014

Barcelona's design museum stands in the new eclectic spot of Barcelona city in Poblenou. It’s a contemporary building that consists of four parts: the upper and the lower ground, the exterior and the interior.

The arrangement of luminance and illumination of architectural elements and surfaces enhance the interplay among all parts of the museum, creating an interactive ambience in the city. Natural light reaches the galleries in the lower level, through a surrounding trench and six skylights, interacting with the interior luminaires, which are linearly arranged. The interior lighting in the lower level is adaptable to different events and exhibitions through changes of color and motion, lighting heightens visitors’ sensory experience, while guiding them.

Design Museum’s active involvement in different sectors of design is well portrayed through the dynamic play on light in all parts of the building. Lighting design also adds to an industrial atmosphere in keeping with the neighborhood.

Client: Ajuntament de Barcelona
Architect: MBM Architects
Awards: Honorable mention, Premios Iluminet 2016
Photo: ©Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre; ©Lourdes Jansana; ©Ramón Ferreira