Echoes of a Land

La Biennale di Venezia 2018

The lighting design for the Mexican Pavillion in the Arsenal of the Venice Biennale seeks to communicate, in a subtle and precise way, the curatorship prepared this year: Echoes of a Land. It explains three realities: the complexity of the Mexican territory, its devastation due to natural causes and some examples of contemporary Mexican architecture.

The spatial idea of the pavilion to contain and explain these concepts was to adapt to the existing place without modifying it in its understanding. Treating it in an exempt way, looking through the content of the action to give a new understanding to an architecturally unaltered space and without adhering superficiality of materials to it.

The essentiality of the pavilion was filled with contents with imprint through the ordered placement of vertical tectonic elements of worked stone murals that explained the three conceptual realities. In addition, the pavilion included more sensitive elements on its sides. On one hand, sounds from Mexico that were heard through headphones placed on a bench and illuminated by LED strips. And, on the other, three pieces of light art, located in existing niches, that brought light and color from Mexican architecture to Venice.

Client: INBA
Architect: Ambrosi Etchegaray
Commissioner: Gabriela Gil
Curator: Gabriela Etchegaray
Photo: ©Santiago Arau