Barcelona , Spain  2016

The Enigma project arose from the concept of generating an enigmatic yet active space where limits are blurred through reflections, luminous densities, chiaroscuros and color, so that the experience intensifies and focuses on the enjoyment of the high-end cuisine. The goal was to conceive a new perception of warmth, to achieve a result where material and light co-exist as one single communication. This was accomplished through a central element, the “cloud”. This cloud-shaped matrix of LEDs allowed the generation of densities and tridimensional light effects that accompany the diner and enhance their gastronomic experience.

Architecture and illumination work together to this end: the undefined background, the transparent chairs and tables that reflect their surroundings. The luminous yet murky “cloud” that fills the restaurant and that submerges diners in an ethereal world through the use of vaporous materials and light.

The color that sets the mood and introduces diners to the themed zones, generating chromatic compositions inside the cloud; the wine of the cava lounge, the ice of the cocktail lounge, the fire of the Teppanyaki lounge. The experience is served.

Client: Albert Adria Projectes
Architect: RCR Architects
Awards: Awards: Special Mention, Premios Iluminet 2018
LDA Awards 2017, Highly Commended
Photo: © Adria Goula;  © Pep Sau