General Mitre 

Barcelona, Spain 2013

The lighting design of the house in General Mitre is based on the composition of four elements in the interior space. On one hand, there are suspended plates that make up the false ceiling, highlighting the existing structure and defining and configuring a scope. It’s an element that reinforces the spatiality of the house.

On the other, there are the exempt elements (organic forms) freely located in space. They are unique elements that define the way to circulate and generate different spatial relationships. Their materiality, geometry and nature are differentiated from the rest by their language, singular form and texture of the material. Also, the staircase, a double height space that connects and links both spaces, formally, spatially and visually, as well as being part of the lobby space for access to housing. This must be considered as a space of special importance.

Finally, the outdoor spaces (planters and pool), terraces, one of which includes a pool, environmentally and functionally linked to the interior, through its elements and visuals from and to the interior.

Client: Agglomération du Grand Rodez
Architect: Alonso, Balaguer i Arquitectos Asociados
Awards: Winner, Premios Iluminet 2016
Photo: ©Alonso Balaguer Arq. / Jordi Vidal / Miguel Bargalló