Il sogno si avvicina

Milan, Italy 2010

A luminous experience with the work of Dalí; the colorful environments of the temporary exhibition respond to different pictorial passages of the artist gathered in this exhibition in themes or landscapes arranged by rooms: memory, evil, imaginary, silence/absence and Walt Disney. The themes of the show are set with contrasting colors: black, red and blue. The lighting is designed to create different atmospheres according to the rooms and the exposed content so that the visitor can get a communication of greater confidentiality with the work. The lighting system is composed of large organic clouds that would be part of the Dalinian landscape. Walt Disney's stay: synthesis of the exhibition and Dalí's relationship with Walt Disney. Classic paintings, classic light.

Client: Palazzo Reale
Architect: Oscar Tusquets Blanca and Giovanni Fasanaro
Photo: ©Fabrizio Stipari, ©Pasquale Fasanaro