Il sogno si avvicina

Milan, Italy 2010

A luminous experience with the work of Dalí and the colorful environments of the temporary display respond to different pictorial passages of the artist gathered in this exhibition in themes or landscapes arranged by rooms: memory, evil, imaginary, silence/absence and Walt Disney.

The themes of the show are set with contrasting colors: black, red and blue. The same that connect together to create a cohesive experience. The lighting is designed to create different atmospheres according to the rooms and the exposed content so that the visitor can get a communication of greater confidentiality with the work.

The lighting system is composed of large organic cloud that would be part of the Dalinian landscape. The Walt Disney's stay synthesize Dalí's relationship with Walt Disney and gives a closure to the exhibition. Classic paintings, classic light.

Client: Palazzo Reale
Architect: Oscar Tusquets Blanca and Giovanni Fasanaro
Photo: ©Fabrizio Stipari, ©Pasquale Fasanaro