L9 Metro Station

Barcelona, Spain, 2012

The architectural project of the Line 9 metro station of Barcelona encourages the use of rationality and functionality in the place through the provision of materials resistant to the passage of time and their orderly intellectualization in place to facilitate the orientation of the passerby. The lighting was solved in two typologies following the functionality of the architecture project and the program of the place, respecting the regulations in relation to levels, uniformities and consumptions. The two typologies consisted of translucent glass, which can be registered for backlighting that gave the place a feeling of spaciousness, elegance and a very interesting quality.

We worked with indirect light on the back-wall plane, painted white, and thus, with the reflection of the light. The second typology had a functional character to give the space the levels of average illuminance and uniformity required by regulations. These lines were placed, in an orderly manner, integrated into the architecture in spaces in the false ceiling specially designed to house the lighting. The result is an elegant, highly integrated lighting design that optimally resolves the station's programming with high light quality.

Client: Ajuntament de Barcelona
Architect: Alonso Balaguer Arquitectos
Photo: ©Miguel Bargalló