Les Cols

Girona, Spain 2012

The lighting design for Les Cols Restaurant Pavilion Tent, a banquet and event space in Olot, Girona, is partially based on the architectural concept of a hybrid space that blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior.

The same architectural materials—locally mined volcanic stone, steel tubes of varying diameters, and transparent plastic—are used for both the exterior and interior, reinforcing the blurring of boundaries. Here, the furniture and other objects have less of a visual presence than the architectural environment. The transparent plastic curtains that define these areas also serve as visual filters, creating different effects and reflections throughout the day and night; they also provide guests with a degree of privacy and intimacy.

Trees placed inside these transparent “indoor gardens” enhance the indoor/outdoor experience.

Client: Les Cols Restaurant 
Architect: RCR Arquitecte
Awards: Premi FAD d'Interiorisme 2014; Special Citation, Iluminet 2016
Photo:©Pep Sau; ©Josep Oliva; ©Ramón Ferreira