Madrid , Spain  2016

The lighting concept for the Loewe Flagship store in Madrid is based on the vibe created by the house of the main character, Julianne Moore, in the film “A Single Man”, directed by Tom Ford. In addition, the inclusion of high quality artworks and the display design of the store according to the concept of the brand, are the premises that inspire the lighting of this store.

The quality of the light, the optimal arrangement of the lighting layout achieved, the integration in the architectural details, the interaction with the natural light and the balance of the contrast in the space make this design a unique approach to a luxury commercial brand. As well as the delicate use of light to illuminate both the art works and the exhibited Loewe luxury products, which sits side-by-side in perfect harmony.

All this combine with the overall ambient generated give this project as pace where customers experience the brand’s identity in which the light illuminates, and accompanies without imposing the customer on their journey and displays the exhibited products in a personal manner that allows the customer to regard them in intimacy.

Client: Loewe
Awards: LDA Awards 2017, Shortlist Premios Iluminet 2016
Photo:  ©Lewis Ronald