Musée Soulages

Rodez , France  2014

Instead of a formal concept, we began with an exploration of materials, light, and proportion. Architecture is built around light. The two lighting typologies are ambient (both daylight and artificial) and exhibition (only artificial).

Working closely with the architect, we designed the ambient lighting by defining the skylight geometry. In response to the visual rhythm of the exhibition spaces, the light establishes a special connection between the visitors and the artworks. To light the art, we used a track system, for which we developed three types of LED projectors.

This is the first museum in France to be illuminated with LEDs. The lighting of the "Noirs" received special attention: artwork constructed through light, which is reflected according to the engraved lines. In Mr. Soulages’ own words, "Je n'avais jamais vu mes oeuvres si bien éclairées."

Client: Agglomération du Grand Rodez
Architect: RCR Arquitecte
Associate Architect: G.Trégouët RCR
Awards: Winner, Premios Iluminet 2016
Photo:  © Hisao Suzuki; ©Didier Boy de la Tour