Museu de la Pell

Barcelona, Spain 1997

The Museum of the Machinery of the Skin was the first project where artec3 charged a fee exclusively. The space consisted of a rectangular industrial brick warehouse of an old leather factory in Igualada, Barcelona that was reconditioned as a Museum to explain the manufacturing processes of the leather and the machinery used.

The architectural approach set out the machines in the center of the great hall and generated a high route around it where it explained its operation and its characteristics and its contribution to the industrial development of the city. The lighting approach sought to illuminate these great machines as works of art so that they could be appreciated after having been restored. Compact fluorescent projectors of 3000ºK and a fluorescent line of 4000ºK was placed under the platform that put the public in the correct measurement to appreciate the machines.

These solutions added to the backlights and to the lighting integrated in showcases generated a peculiar, contemporary, fresh exhibition environment, where the pieces are contemplated and explained from a different perspective to the one they had had in their work life.

Client: Ajuntament de Igualada
Architect: Arquitecta Elsa López
Awards: Finalist (Interiors), "2a Biennal d'Arquitectura de les Comarques Centrals"
Photo: ©artec3