Ohla Eixample Hotel

Barcelona, Spain 2016

This old building restored as a hotel was approached with a tailor-made design that exteriorizes the quality of interior life and contemporary design through illumination of the façade. One element works as the center of the design: a conceptual staircase that acts as the heart of the building.

The façade ́s dynamic light generates a subtle choreography, allowing the building to blend in with the urban vibe of the city while respecting the environment and local restrictions. The staircase, in the beginning a secondary element, also acquires a central prominence and great aesthetic value from the intelligent lighting approach that prompt its identity and makes the interior design to stand out.

In addition, exhaustive control was exerted over the budget to be able to illuminate the hotel with LED technology in all the applications. As a whole, the lighting design generates light ambience of great warmth and comfort, creating shared intimacy and allowing complete relaxation of the guest.

Client: Ohla Boutique Hotel
Architect: Daniel Isern Associats
Awards: Awards: Honorable Mention, Premios Iluminet 2018
Shorlist, LDA Awards and LAMP Awards 2017
Photo:  ©alvarovaldecantos