Paseo del Óvalo

Teruel, Spain 2003

The project consisted of the restoration of the heritage value of the Paseo del Óvalo in Teruel, taking into account its majestic staircase to interact with its surroundings and become an attraction for the city, consolidating itself as a landmark.

We designed a lighting scheme for each space in accordance with its unique architecture, connecting them through a light link between the two levels. Subtle accents in the landscape and under the urban furniture created high levels of light comfort while visually connecting the entire area.

The aim was to use light (and shadow) as a vehicle to create different atmospheres, add identity to the Paseo, and enhance the user´s experience.

Client: Diputación de Aragón
Architect: David Chipperfield Architects + b720 Arquitectos
Awards: Award of Merit, IALD 2005, World Heritage City Award 2004, European Prize for Urban Public Space 2004, Finalist (outdoor space), FAD 2004
Photo: ©Andres Otero; artec3 Studio