Roca Barcelona Gallery

Barcelona , Spain 2009

Light seeks to create sensations and movements to mimic water; fluidity, transparency and reflection. A siliconized glass slat, working as the closing material, generates a continuous glass curtain. The glass works internally with the light as a conductive element in a similar way as a tubular fiber does, simulating moving water. Material and light creates a dynamic texture controlled by a specially designed software.

These sensations of fluidity expressed on the façade connect with the theme of the showroom, that explains the history of water in the household. The lighting design is completely integrated with the architecture. Interesting perspectives are generated from the interior between the plants in negative and the luminous façade.

From a distance, one can appreciate the volumetric and sensational game expressed by the building. Scenes of subtle fluid movements are played on a daily basis.

Client: Roca Sanitario, S.A.
Architect: OAB Office of Architecture in Barcelona
Awards: Special Citation, IALD 2010; Finalist, LAMP Award for Interior Lighting.
Photo: © Roca, Aleix Bagué