Sabadell Bank

Barcelona, Spain 2010

Rehabilitation of the Bank Sabadell Headquarters, Barcelona.

The headquarters of the Sabadell bank in Barcelona is a protected building with a false luminous glass ceiling and a staircase of high architectural value that needeb to be restored and maintained. It also had to comply with all the requirements of the branch program. Likewise, and luminically speaking, it had to comply with the Technical Building Code and with the health and safety regulations of the unions. All these factors made this project a challenge: the combination of rehabilitation at a programming and constrution levels, to comply with all standards and requirements…

However, through the use of indirect fluorescence T5 of 3000ºK and a white painted pladur, for the light to bounce, we achieved a lighting of high comfort, complying with regulations, very integrated to the architecture project and out of the visual of the clients and workers that visited the bank.

Client: Banco de Sabadell, S.A
Architect: MAP Architecs
Photo: ©Adrià Goula