Sant Pau

Barcelona, Spain 2013

The rehabilitation of the main building of the Hospital de Sant Pau was carried out with the purpose of converting it into a Conference Center. Architecturally, it was a challenge to achieve since it was a protected building and the construction details had to be respected.

All lighting typologies had to be considered first according to the places where they could be installed, and subsequently, to achieve the proposed effect to meet the new architectural program of the place. Each lighting typology was solved in an integrated way in the new elements that were created for the old spaces destined to large luminaries that were outside the visual of the visitors.

The hanging typologies were the most used since they allowed to reuse the restored connection points. Working with hanging luminaires, with different optics and anti-glare accessories, which, together with luminaires from pavement, allowed to illuminate the place and to value the architecture at the same time.

A special case was the subsoil zone since there was no possibility of taking electricity more than the perimeter of the room. All the technology used were 3000ºK LEDs with different optics and powers, which were commanded by a DALI protocol control lighting.

Client: Santa Creu i Sant Pau Hospital Private Foundation
Architect: Photo ©Marcela Grassi
Photo: ©Marcela Grassi