Mexico City , Mexico 2017

The Polanco Tevila is an intimate space for Jewish women. The architecture responds to this need for intimacy by creating a delicately lit interior. The four-storey building screens those within from the outside to create an oasis of tranquillity. Water is present in the project as an important element in the process of spiritual cleanliness. Pale stonework, concrete, wood, light and water were the basic materials used to define a minimalist interior which respects the people using it. The architecture is clean and integrated.

The design of the artificial lighting seeks to complement the atmospheric light, underlining the concept of architectural intimacy found in the sources of natural light in patios and skylights and reinforcing the sensation of protection and respect for those who use the building.

Client: Tevilah Polanco
Architect: Cherem Architects
Awards: Shortlist, dark awards
Photo: ©Enrique Macías; Jaime Navarro