Mexico City , Mexico 2017

The Toreo office building project proposed a study process to understand the lighting of the building in an "unfinished" way. The common areas were not intended to have excessively differentiating finishes, but to maintain an industrial aspect, this gave a spatial continuity and a contemporary air to the place.

A special approach to lighting design of an unfinished space was proposed where only the common areas would be illuminated and the rest of the floors would be areas of penumbra. Together with the architects, it was understood that this luminous object, in its repetition or orderly distribution, had to go through the common areas of the building in its horizontal or even diagonal shapes, climbing the great staircase that connects the different floors of the building.

The game of nuances between light and shadow generated spaces of composition of light that we could call artistic, as well as other spaces, on the ground floor, of precise architectural composition given the rhythm of placement of the elements and their density.

Client: Diámetro
Architect: Cherem Architects
Photo: ©Enrique Macías