VP Hotel

Madrid, Spain 2018

When guests arrive at VP Plaza España Design in central Madrid, a welcoming atmosphere of light, shadows, and reflections receives them. Light provides the warmth and high visual comfort that is needed to create a relaxed and pleasant space. The same concept expands into other common areas of the 5 stars hotel.

The splendours of the sky bar at twilight, with its ceiling of mirrors and lines of light, creates a great atmosphere to have a drink while enjoying the amazing views of the city’s skyline. Programmed color-light scenes change according the hotel´s event agenda.

Architectural and dynamic lighting merge in the building´s façade. Located in one of the most dynamic areas in central Madrid, the building acts as an element with its own identity that comes alive during the night. Mimicking the subtle movement of passing clouds, the lighting of the facade goes together with the ever-changing and vibrant nightlife of the city.

Client: VP Plaza España Design
Architect: b720 Architects
Photo: ©Álvaro Valdecantos