VP Plaza España Design

Madrid, Spain 2018

At Hotel VP, in the heart of Madrid, clients are welcomed through a subtle play of lights on the facade and the inviting atmosphere composed of shadows and reflections which creates a warm, visual sensation, both relaxing and agreeable. The initial lighting in the entrance is carried through to the lobby and reception. Highlights and variations in intensity contribute to a quick understanding of the hotel's spaces and their uses. The façade´s design is inspired by the idea of the steadily changing movement of people in the square, the illumination mimics the flow of urban life at night.

VP Hotel has recently obtained the LEED Gold Certificate, granted by the US Green Building Council, being one of the first hotels in Spain to receive it.

Client: VP Plaza España Design
Architect: b720 Architects
Interior: Cuarto Interior; Studio Gronda
Photo: ©Álvaro Valdecantos; Rafael Vargas (bottom)