Veles e Vents

Valencia, Spain 2007

The building, conceived as a look-out point, strategically located at the end of the port dock, becomes a privilege for the view. Structurally, is composed of four platforms arranged at different heights and slightly displaced, which create shadows and uninterrupted views, achieving a perfect integration of the building with the port landscape and, ultimately, with the sea.

The platforms appear suspended in a vacuum, although in reality, they rest on four structural supports. This creates vertical communication points that integrates the installations of elevators and stairs. The predominance of color white throughout the building is counteracted by the intense shades of interior furnishings.

The elevated parking, with capacity for eight hundred vehicles, is adjacent to the building and is conceived as a continuous piece along the canal. Its roof becomes a lookout and its useful surface is used in a multipurpose way: there are bars, restaurants, information points and different activities. A perfect link between the city of Valencia and its new maritime front.

Client: Consorcio Valencia
Architect: David Chipperfield Architects + b720 Arquitectos
Awards: Finalist, FAD 2008 (Architecture); Riba Award 2007; Finalist, European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture; Mies Van Der Rohe Award 2007; Architecture Leaf Award 2006
Photo: ©iGuzzini; ©SEAE