Water Park

Zaragoza, Spain 2008

The Water Park of the Universal Expo of Zaragoza is a park that seeks to adapt to the meander of the Ebro River, respecting it and fostering its relationship with the city. The water treatment was of vital importance since the systems of self-supply of water and its ecological purification, by layers of sand and stone, were planned as part of the landscape and architecture project. The luminous approach of the park was from the illuminated to the luminous. The areas near the city and the Universal Expo were more illuminated, with luminaries in columns to solve the programming of routes and approach to the city and the Expo. But, when we approach the heart of the meander, the lighting becomes lower, more luminous and more respectful with the environment that inhabits. The project was worked with ceramic metal halides of 4000ºK, in the high and low elements of both zones, although the color luminance was worked with LED technology.

Client: Zaragoza Expo
Architect: Enrique de Teresa Arquitecto
Awards: Award of Merit, IALD 2009; Winner FAD 2009 Ciudad y Paisaje
Photo: ©Xavier Graells, ©Miguel Daza